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Starting in 2016, we've now served more than 20 clients in the B2B tech industry. Here are some of their success stories:

🚀 10x Increase in Organic Traffic for Travel and Tourism SaaS→
🚀 5x Increase in Organic Traffic for Hospitality SaaS →
🚀 49% More Demos for HR SaaS →

"I appreciate the long-term strategy outline and more granular detailing of next steps; it sets the right tone from the beginning and allows for short-term changes to be addressed early on. The content writing has been very precise, without me having to change or correct anything."

Paul Radu
CEO @ Glimpse

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We help B2B startups and scaleups grow using content that's better than good enough. We achieve this outcome by becoming experts in your product, market and industry. We believe that's the only way to deliver effective content for every stage of the customer lifecycle, whether done in-house or outsourced.Our copy supports sales and marketing at leading B2B tech companies. From HR tools to project management and booking engines, we have produced more than 1,000 long-form articles, 100+ web pages, 50+ eBooks and 20+ case studies. Below is a practical snippet of our portfolio to demonstrate what you can expect by working with us.Click-through to each asset to learn more.

About the client:
Based out of Munich, Regiondo is the leading booking system for tours and activities in Europe with close to 200 employees and offices in 5 countries. We produced content for their blog, website and email campaigns targeting small tour operators, famous attractions and national travel organisations.
Read case study →

About the client:
Hailing from Miami, Glimpse is a B2B tech company helping bars, restaurants and nightclubs manage their venues. This homepage is for a new complimentary product launched by Glimpse that helps customers count and manage inventory. We also helped Glimpse produce content for their main website, blog, social channels and newsletter.
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About the client:
SeeMeHired provides an applicant tracking system specialised in hotels and care homes. We produced this case study along with 40+ blog articles and content for their new website. We also supported outbound sales campaigns with custom emails, proposals and presentations.

About the client:
San Francisco startup CodeInterview provides a tool that helps recruiting teams interview developers. We produced all content for their website, blog, email and Google ad campaigns.
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Increasing Organic Traffic 10x and Building an Inbound Marketing Engine @ Regiondo

We helped Regiondo generate 500+ leads per month on autopilot using an extensive library of blog articles and gated content.

Regiondo is a leading booking system provider for the tours and activities industry. Their software powers some of the largest tours and attractions in Europe, allowing them to sell tickets online and track bookings in a frictionless way.

Here’s the challenge

Our initial review showed the following issues:

Inconsistent messaging

Regiondo had recently switched their business model from a B2C focus to B2B. The initial platform was meant to help consumers find and book activities but they soon realized their real opportunity is with the actual tours and attractions that were listed on the B2C site.As a result of the switch, we had to clean up the messaging and uncover the main features and benefits for business users as opposed to consumers.

Irregular and sub-par content

While the team had an active blog and social media channels, they were struggling with producing native-level English content and using SEO best practices.

No way to capture leads beyond requesting a demo

Regiondo only had one way of acquiring contact details of potential users - requesting a demo. This excluded a large part of the market that is currently in a contract with another provider or not yet ready to buy a booking solution.

Here’s what we did

We designed a roadmap and executed to tackle these problems as follows:

Website redesign

The situation called for completely updating the website to appeal to business users. We worked with a design agency to produce new branding and provided all content required for the website.

Content library

To capture latent demand, we produced an extensive library of blog posts and gated content such as eBooks, reports and email courses. We also implemented landing pages that enable efficient conversion from visitor to lead, sending the new contact details to the sales CRM.

Here are the results

So, how did these changes affect KPIs and the team’s day-to-day?

10x increase in organic traffic

We managed to increase monthly organic traffic from 2,400 visits to more than 24,000 in 18 months. This contributed an average of 75% of the website’s total monthly traffic.

Delivered 500+ inbound leads per month

As a result of the traffic increase and ecosystem of gated content, the Regiondo sales team received up to 550 new leads per month without having to do any manual outreach or research. These were people in the target audience with an interest in solving challenges that Regiondo’s product helped address.

Are you facing similar challenges?

If you’re also looking to grow organic traffic and leads via content marketing, get in touch for a free marketing review by our team.

Growing Organic Traffic 5x in 18 Months @ Glimpse

Now, Glimpse has a steady inflow of new traffic and users without having to proactively reach out to prospects.

Glimpse is a technology company that provides transaction analytics to bars, restaurants and nightclubs. They position cameras across key areas in these establishments and use computer vision to record all transactions, comparing them with POS results and providing insights to the management team about efficiency, loss and theft across the business.

Here’s the challenge

We found the following problems at the start of our collaboration:

Low traffic and conversion rates

The content Glimpse produced was not generating significant traffic and failed to convert the users to a demo or free trial.

Thin content

While there was a substantial amount of content on the site, it was not up to the level that the industry requires, relying on short posts with little useful information for the reader.

Ignoring SEO best practices

In general, on-page SEO was ignored and the site had no internal linking structure to improve the experience for users and signal to search engines what the site is about.

Here’s what we did

We took the following actions to help tackle these issues:

Created a new content strategy

Starting with a content audit and keyword research, we identified 200+ relevant topics to cover on the blog and website. We established the correct format (whether it’s a web page, blog post or something else) and plotted the new topics on a calendar for easy tracking.

Implemented production process

We hired a seasoned writer in the hospitality industry to help with content production. We also used Trello to build a publishing cadence based on the initial content strategy, producing at least one high-quality article per week and multiple other types of content for Glimpse’s email marketing and social channels. Every new piece of content was created with on-page SEO in mind.

Here are the results

We measured the results after a year and a half of collaborating with Glimpse:

5x increase in organic traffic

Monthly organic traffic went up from 4,000 to more than 20,000 within 18 months as a result of the new content strategy and production quality.

Delivered 200+ inbound leads per month

As a result of the traffic increase and ecosystem of gated content, the Glimpse started to receive up to 210 new leads per month. The gated content such as free profit calculators, checklists, templates and guides worked to build trust and authority while providing multiple new sales opportunities.

Are you facing similar challenges?

We can help you build a solid content strategy, produce outstanding content and power your marketing channels like email and social media.

Growing Demos by 49% @ HR SaaS Product

We teamed up with CodeInterview to deliver a complete website update and set up KPI reporting. Here’s a breakdown of the project:

CodeInterview is an online tool for conducting technical interviews. It's used by engineering leaders and recruiters to interview developers using a shared online code editor.

Here’s the challenge

After an initial review, we identified the following issues:

Outdated website

The CodeInterview team has a true startup mentality and created v1 of their website extremely quickly. It was a great start that did the job when launching. However, now that the product was gaining more traction, it was time to revise as conversion rates were going down.

Irrelevant traffic

CodeInterview's main audience includes engineering leaders at mid-to-large companies. However, the website was optimized for keywords that often attracted candidates and people learning how to code. This inflated the traffic but did not contribute to the bottom line in a positive way.

No visibility into marketing channels

While the team had set up considerable tracking for in-app actions, there was no visibility into the marketing channels that bring the most demos, trials and customers. This made it hard to optimize the user acquisition strategy and decide what to focus on first.

Unclear call-to-action

Visitors on the website could choose from multiple actions - from starting a trial to getting a demo and messaging the team directly. These were equally prominent and led to a confusing user journey, causing some potential customers to drop out along the way.

Here’s what we did

To tackle these issues, we set up and implemented two main projects:

Website redesign

We started with the basics, revising the site structure and target keywords. The goal was to optimize the website for engineering leaders and recruiters rather than candidates and people learning how to code.Once the new structure was in place and approved, we proceeded with creating the new content, starting with the critical pages first. We produced both the text and wireframes in advance, reducing overall costs and speeding up the project.We then got a web designer on board whom we’ve partnered with on multiple projects in the past - a proven professional with an extensive background in SaaS. He took over the design phase and we collaborated throughout the process by providing feedback and suggestions.Lastly, the CodeInterview team implemented all content and design changes since they had the development resources in-house.

Set up proper reporting

Once the new website and structure were in place, it was time to update the tracking setup and make sure we had adequate visibility over each traffic source and its performance.We used Google Analytics to set up event tracking and goal measurement for things like demos, free trials and payments. This allowed for a clear view of the channels that produce the best results, enabling prioritization and building an effective user acquisition strategy.In addition, we created a visualization of the user journey through KPIs which now serve to inform how well visitors and users are converted to paying customers.

Here are the results

We measured the results after a year and a half of collaborating with Glimpse:

12% increase in traffic

Traffic was up by 12% - a modest increase but clearly much better qualified as conversion rates spiked.

49% increase in demos

Due to attracting more relevant people and optimizing the CTAs across the website, demos grew by 49%. This was the key metric we optimized for - making the project a success.

Clear reporting and visibility

CodeInterview now has a clear overview of their top-performing marketing channels, enabling effective prioritization and planning. They also have a dashboard visualizing the whole user journey in numbers so bottlenecks are easily flagged and fixed.

Are you facing similar challenges?

If you’re looking for similar results to CodeInterview, get in touch now.

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